Cameras catch Mitt Romney confronting George Santos at Condition with the Union

“He should not be there,” Romney later on told reporters. “And if he experienced any disgrace in any way, he would not be there.”

Sen. Mitt Romney explained to embattled New york Rep. George Santos he would not belong in Congress for the duration of a tense trade right before the State with the Union address Tuesday.

The temporary conversation was caught by C-SPAN cameras, and Romney afterwards verified to reporters that he had advised Santos, “you don’t belong right here.”

“I failed to count on him for being standing there trying to shake fingers with every senator plus the president in the America,” Romney advised reporters about Santos within an interview after Biden’s address. “Given the fact that he’s under an Ethics investigation, he needs to be sitting from the back row and being tranquil as an alternative to parading before the president and folks coming in to the area.”

Santos, 34, has lied about just about just about every facet of his background, which includes college or university education, ethnic heritage and perform experience.

“Look, he claims he embellished his file,” Romney continued. “Embellished is saying you got an A when you acquired an A minus. Lying is stating you graduated from the college you failed to even go to. He should not be in Congress, they’re likely to go through the method and hopefully get him out. But he should not be there, and when he experienced any shame in the slightest degree, he would not be there.”

Romney said if Santos could possibly have responded to him, he “didn’t listen to it.”

After the trade, Santos took to social websites with his comeback.

Santos has stepped down from his committee assignments amid a litany of ethics challenges. He has confronted various calls for his resignation and is dealing with a number of investigations by prosecutors around his particular and campaign finances and lies about his own existence.

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