Langtang Valley trek duration  

Kudos to the shortest trek in Nepal, the Langtang Valley trek. The shortest Langtang Valley trek is about five days from Kathmandu while the long trek goes up to 10 days. The duration depends upon your itinerary and how long you can walk every day. The most common Langtang Valley trek itinerary in Nepali is about eight days. This includes two full days of drive and one rest day in the higher mountain region. Each day, you will be hiking for around 4 to 5 hours, completing the 70 km of Langtang Valley trek distance in about five days and five days of hike.  

Langtang Valley trek distance 

From Kathmandu, the trip starts with a drive to Syabrubesi which is a 122 km ride. Then the trek starts from Syabrubesi and the aerial distance from Syabrubesi to Kyanjing Ri is 40kms. Syabrubesi to the Langtang village is only 28.4 km and that can be covered in 2 days. From there, you hike for 2 more days to reach the Kyanjing Ri. The return distance is also about 40 km, totally done in 4 days.  

Langtang Valley trek duration  

3-day Langtang Valley Trek- if you want to do a three-day Langtang Valley trek then you should drive to Syabrubesi in a private vehicle in the early morning and then hike up to the lama Hotel on the same day. You can reach Langtang village on the second day and be back at the lama Hotel in Syabrubesi on the same day. Then you can drive to Kathmandu on the night of the third day. Trying to complete long trekking for three days is quite hectic and not recommended.  

4 days Langtang Valley trek- Also for the four days Langtang Valley trek you cannot go beyond Langtang village. Also, it’s going to be quite busy. Also check Gokyo lake trek 

5 days Langtang Valley trek- The minimum duration to get to Kyanjing Gompa is 5 days. On the first day, you go to Syabrubesi and start the hike to reach Langtang village on the second day. Then you climb to Kyanjing Gompa on the 3rd day and come back to Kathmandu in just 2 days.  

6-day Langtang valley trek- If you spend more than 6 days in the Langtang area then you have plenty of time to explore the area, or even climb to Kyanjing Ri.  

Langtang Valley Trek altitude  

The highest you go during their Langtang Valley Trek is 4500 m. This is the height video can’t feel the impact of low oxygen and altitude sickness quite often if You’re not prepared well. Some climbers even decide to go for a further walk up to the viewpoint of Tserko Ri (5,000m). Other Village are at a quite low altitude of almost 2000 to 3000m.  It’s important that You walk slowly and remain hydrated when you are going for the Langtang Valley trek. Also, in case of any symptoms of altitude sickness, you should either pause climbing to the higher altitude or climb down to the lower reason. Also if you have got your travel insurance then it’s possible to get a helicopter rescue to langtang.   

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