Rossario George, a sustainable luxury fashion brand, debuts its L4 bespoke collection at special fashion show to honor black history at MoPoP Seattle

Seattle, United States – Rossario George is more than just a fashion brand, it’s promoted as a lifestyle brand that strives to accelerate strength, luxury, and fabulousness. The brand’s products are priced for everyone to enjoy, and the company plans to expand its collections to include bridal and home, open a flagship store, and become a visible presence at all major fashion and entertainment red-carpet events.

The brands fashions were recently seen on the runway and on the bodies of Paralympic Athletes, Olympic Athletes and Nominees at the Gold Meets Golden 2023 Charity event in Los Angeles, CA during the 2023 Grammy Awards.

With its latest developments and continued commitment to excellence, Rossario George is set to make a big impact in the fashion industry and continue innovation through company expansion and upcoming product launches starting with the premiere of the L4 (Love, Lord, Leather and Lace) bespoke fashion collection.

The L4 collection, for both men and women, makes its partial debut at a special fashion show sponsored by a number of high-profile brands including the Seattle Seahawks, US Bank, and the Safeway grocery chain  in honor of Black History Month on February 18th at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.

The L4 collection is a true bespoke fashion line where buyers can send measurements, select colors and more. Rossario George will further showcase the L4 collection in its entirety at the Couture and Cars Runway show at the LeMay – America’s Car Museum on July 22nd.

With over 100 fashion publications around the world featuring Rossario George, the brand has been named one of the Top 20 Successful Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2023 by NYC Journal and has a strong presence at major fashion and entertainment events.

“We are proud to have achieved so much and are looking forward to continuing our journey to become the first Seattle-based brand to be internationally known,” said Tony Vincente, CEO of Rossario George.

About the company

Rossario George is a Seattle-based luxury lifestyle brand founded by Tony Vincente. The brand is known for its commitment to promoting diversity and individuality through its fashion collections. Tony Vincente, the company’s CEO and lead designer, is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. The Rossario George brand offers ready-to-wear and couture styles for all seeking quality at affordable prices. 

Media Contact
Contact Person: Tony Vincente
City: Renton
Country: United States

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